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Burying Caesar


Burying Caesar is an Alt/Pop duo based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Columbus, Ohio, comprised of Roddy Cochran and Hovey Jude Corbin. Formed in July of 2014, just prior to recording their debut song "The Busker", alongside a self directed music video. The two have worked since to release two albums (Burying Caesar, 2017, and Alabaster Bay, 2018), and several singles including Bleeding Heart, 2017, The Wings on my Guitar,  2018, Street by the Zoo,  2019, The Question, 2020, and Hear Me, 2022. 


Sustained by instant ramen, coffee, and a lot of music


Physicist by day, rock musician by night


PR: 25 Seconds


Denied service at Days Inn, Motel 6, Holiday Inn, The Hyatt, and La Quinta... It's a long story... 

I come to

bury Caesar,

not to praise him

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Fun Random Facts

The Albums


The album "Alabaster Bay" was completed during an all-nighter editing session, which lasted from 5:00pm to 6:00am. Additionally, the majority of the recording and mixing of The Imposter started that night.

On the song "Doldrums" Hovey and Roddy recorded with the set of St. John's United Methodist Church's handbells during the instrumental. (Shoutout to Matt Greer for unlocking the bell closet!)

The only instrument recorded in Wings On My Guitar is guitar.

Nothing Gold Can Stay is based off of a Robert Frost Poem of the same name.

Bleeding Heart is written as a dialogue between Nasa and Pluto (The sometimes dwarf, and sometimes regular planet). See how many Pluto puns you can find! 

Without Her has a painful past and was initially not meant to appear on "Burying Caesar" until Hovey convinced Roddy to let him record a rough draft.

In "Burying Caesar" all of the treble notes were sung by Roddy. Several people have thought that we brought a girl in to sing the highest notes.

The Music Videos

In The Busker music video, Roddy played both The Busker and a Masked Man character during the same scene.

Roddy did not know how to play guitar at the time of filming The Busker music video, so he spent the entire day strumming with his thumb like you would with a ukulele, and he got a huge blister on his thumb.

During the filming of The Busker music video, Hovey was unavailable, so the roll of Hovey/the Drummer was played by Sam Shoemaker-Trejo.

The coffin in the Smoking Gun music video, which Roddy built himself, only had a lid. When the video called for a shot of the bottom of the coffin, we flipped it over.

The bar scenes in the Smoking Gun music video were filmed at a real bar in Socorro during business hours.

The chase scene in Smoking Gun was filmed in freezing cold rain on the Albuquerque Academy campus.

In the final credits scene of the Smoking Gun music video, the masked man from the Burying Caesar music video made a quick cameo.

In the opening scene of the Road Signs music video, Hovey is reading a book upside-down, titled Functional Mathematics for the Mentally Retarded and solving a Rubik's Cube.

In the Road Signs music video we made several signs, including a unicycle crossing, the intersection of Juliet and Verona, a sign that says "this space for rent" in Romanian, and the intersection of Maybe Ave and Dunneaux Rd.

The long string of texts Hovey receives later on in the Road Signs video were mostly song lyrics.

The movie that Hovey and Nicole Batt (the girl in question) watch in the Road Signs music video was the Smoking Gun music video.


Roddy played a duet with himself in Friday Edition #10, The Triumph of Time.

For Hovey's Senior Project he went on a 9-state, 4000+ mile long tour of the western half of the United States.

Burying Caesar was once hired to play at a Saturnalia celebration.

Roddy won 3rd place at the UNM talent show while playing Fables.

The pair both participated in New Mexico All-State ensembles each year of high school.

Hovey plays many instruments when recording for Burying Caesar, just a few being Drum Set, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Organ, Ukulele, Mandolin, Accordion, Synthesizer, Doumbek and more Auxiliary Percussion.

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